Cómo ayudar a su adolescente a sobrellevar el estrés del regreso a la escuela

Ya casi es otoño, lo que significa que los estantes de las tiendas están llenos de computadoras portátiles, marcadores y pegamento de bajo precio, et al. Pronto, el silbido familiar de los autobuses escolares se escuchará en los vecindarios de todo el país cuando los niños regresen a la escuela. Aunque algunos niños odian la alarma de la mañana y...[ read more ]

¿Qué es EMDR?

¿Qué es EMDR? La terapia de desensibilización y reprocesamiento del movimiento ocular, o EMDR, es un conjunto de protocolos estandarizados que incorporan elementos de muchos enfoques de tratamientos diferentes. Se ha investigado extensamente y se ha comprobado que es efectivo para el tratamiento del trauma. ¿Qué problemas puede tratar EMDR? EMDR se usa para tratar una variedad de problemas de...[ read more ]

Does My Child Have Post-Traumatic Stress?

Post-traumatic stress does not only affect veterans and service members. Even young children may experience PTSD. Here are some signs and ways you can help. Click Here to read the full article

6 Señales de depresión en adolescentes

Pregúntele a cualquier padre cuál es su trabajo principal y le dirán que es proteger a sus hijos y mantenerlos seguros. Los nuevos padres pasan horas, si no días, preparando la casa para que los niños no se lastimen. Investigan los mejores asientos de automóvil y cascos de bicicleta y descubren formas de garantizar que sus hijos estén seguros cuando...[ read more ]

4 Things Parents Should Know About the Show 13 Reasons Why

The first season of 13 Reasons Why was extremely popular with middle school and high school students in 2017. The themes in the show resonate with issues that its viewers are aware of or have experienced themselves. The second season, which was released in May 2018, is just as popular among teens this year; some binge watching during summer break....[ read more ]

Separation at the Border

My heart breaks as I read headlines and news stories about the immigration policy that is taking a “Zero Tolerance” approach and separating migrating parents from their children, sending the children to shelters or foster care. The reality is that a child’s separation from his primary caregiver can have devastating effects on his mental health and physical well-being. A child...[ read more ]

5 Razones por las cuales los padres no hablan del abuso sexual infantil

Reconocer la amenaza real de abuso sexual contra niños es solo la mitad de la batalla. Hablar con los niños sobre esto es necesario para mantenerlos a salvo. Desafortunadamente, muchos padres, especialmente padres de niños pequeños, tienen dificultades para hablarles a sus hijos sobre el abuso sexual. Estas son algunas de las principales razones por las que los padres no...[ read more ]

Why You Should Limit Phone Time For Your Teen

When your child was small, they most likely couldn’t go to bed at night unless they had their favorite blanky or stuffed animal. Well, just because they’re “all grown up” doesn’t mean they still don’t have dependencies. Teens today can’t seem to go to bed, or anywhere else for that matter, without their beloved smartphone by their side.When I was...[ read more ]

Mass Shootings: How to Talk to Your Kids

After the tragedy at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado in 1999, certainly no one could imagine that over the next 20 years, 200 more school shootings would occur. In the first 79 days of 2018 alone, there were 12 school shootings, compared to 9 over the entire year of 2017. Sadly, school shootings are becoming an epidemic in the...[ read more ]

What To Do If Your Kid Is The Bully

Bullying has become a national epidemic. According to recent data, between 1/4 and 1/3 of school children say they have been bullied. And, according to surveys, roughly 30% of young people admit to bullying others.While much research has gone into how we can prevent bullying, and many programs have been implemented and tested in schools, the results have been modest at...[ read more ]
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